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  • It is the main vision of MS Vida to become a leading company in the industry by always providing its customers best quality, products and services.   

    MS Vida is a screw manufacturer that is more independent against external factors with central production, which provides easier planning, spends fewer resources for logistics to reduce the costs, accelerates the business through shorter routes and better communication, and which gains more experience.

MS Vida Agenda

Norm Group got the full marks from Mr. Özlü, the Minister Full support to the domestic production from Mr. Özlü Minister Commission members pay a visit to Uysal and NRM Makina

Science Industry and Technology Minister Faruk Özlü gave full marks to Uysal Makina and NRM Makina companies, belonging to Norm Group which is one of the biggest group in Turkey in fasteners industry. Minister Özlü also celebrated the executives and employees of the two firms which take precedence over the import by carrying out domestic production. Minister Özlü, who visited the Norm Group Companies with the members of Turkey's Grand National Assembly of Industry, Trade, Energy, Natural Resources Information and Technology Commission conducted a 3-day inspection tour to Izmir and received information from Nedim Uysal, the founder and honorary CEO of the Norm Group together with Commission President Ziya Altunyıldız.

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Norm Somun was approved as Design Center

Since the Design Center concept, which entered into our life in March 2016 with amendments to the R&D centers law no. 5746 and was framed by a regulation came into force in August 2016, matched up with our new product implementation and die designing activities conducted in our Norm Somun Engineering Services department and the point we want to carry them in the future, we started to work on this subject with the publication of the law. The application we made by completing our preparations in April 2017 was successfully completed with the presentation we made in the Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology on May 22, 2017, and we were entitled to receive the Design Center Certificate.

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Norm Group Salihli Plants got full marks from Automotive giants

Since the day it was founded, the Norm Salihli Plants, which always aim for better, have got full marks from the automotive giants. Norm Somun Salihli plant, which became entitled to get TS 16949 certificate in July 2016, successfully completed Volkswagen audit in April 2017. As a result of the audit, it became a class A supplier in the production of nuts.

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